First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Getting financing mortgage, however, can be an unnerving experience. here to simplify the process of obtaining first and save you money by advising which mortgage is right for your situation.

Mortgages for the Self-employed

This mortgage program awards the self-employed by allowing alternative documentation to qualify for the mortgage with no tax assessments or pay stubs. Our self-employed clients have taken full advantage of this program to complete their mortgage transaction and have praised the lenders for this long awaited alternative.

  • This mortgage applies to all consultants, business owners, contractors, and commission sales people.
  • will structure a mortgage to fit almost any income and credit situation.

Mortgage Renewals and Transfers

In most cases, Canadians renew their mortgage every 3-5 years. CMHC has found that over 50% of all Canadians accept the first rate their bank offers. can help you get the lowest rate possible for your mortgage. More importantly, we provide you with a mortgage strategy to manage your mortgage over its entire lifetime and advise you which mortgage is best for your situation.

100% Financing – Zero Downpayment Mortgage

Can’t wait to save up? Good income? Good credit? Access 100% purchase plans plus 5% cash back deals.

No Income Verification

This mortgage product is for those people who can not prove their income. With a down payment or equity of 25% you may qualify for a mortgage.
For New Immigants to Canada This program is directed to new immigrants who have obtained landed immigrant status within the last three (3) years.

Family Plan

Are you paying rent for one of your children to attend post secondary school away from home? If so, you could be throwing away thousands of dollars. There is a plan that allows you to help purchase a home for your child who is attending school with as little as 5% down. Think of the dollars that could be saved if the student had their own home and a few roommates to help offset the payments. A house that pays for itself, you own an appreciating asset, the valuable tax deductions associated with another home and you are no longer subsidizing the rent with your after tax dollars. A powerful strategy.

Second Home Plan

This is a new product from CMHC for 2005. It allows you to own a second home that is also high ratio insured. This can be used for a vacation or recreational property. It is not designed for rentals. As long as you or some part of your family occupy it for some part of the year on a rent free basis. This is perfect for visiting parents, students in another city or if your work takes you to another city for significant parts of the year. What if you work in 1 city and your family lives in another and you commute? Perfect for oilfield workers.