We offer more than just the best rates!


The Mortgage Doctors are different from other Calgary Mortgage Brokers. We not only get you the best rate, we also:

  • Manage your mortgage over its entire lifetime.
  • Give you expert advice on what mortgage is best for you.

We do this through our newsletter, the commentary and our variable rate mortgage watch. We are constantly in contact with our clients to let them know how interest rates are affecting their mortgage.

The Mortgage Doctors are Calgary mortgage brokers that will save you time, money and stress by shopping and negotiating for your mortgage. As mortgage brokers, we get you the best possible rate because we have access to hundreds of mortgage products.

We provide independent and unbiased mortgage advice because we are not affiliated with any financial institutions. We work for you and not the bank. Best of all, our service is free because the lender pays our fee.

Couple talks with broker on laptop


Discuss your financial goals and formulate a mortgage plan that is tailored to your financial needs.

Couple talks with broker on laptop


We negotiate with lenders on your behalf- we got your back.

Couple talks with broker on laptop


We counsel you on credit and mortgage qualifications, offer efficient and personalized service, and help you every step of the way.

Our Mortgage Products

Bob Alexander, his son Sean Alexander, and the Mortgage Doctors’ Calgary team are dedicated to getting you the best possible deal on your mortgage. We can help you if you are:


Purchasing your first home.


Building a dream home or vacation property.




Looking to refinance to take advantage of low interest rates.


Purchasing an investment home.


“I am a first time home buyer and I want to say that Bob Alexander was the best person I could have chosen to help my fiance and I buy our first home. Since all of this mortgage stuff was new to me, Bob was so kind and informative. He was willing to answer any and all questions I had at any and all times. Bob was also very helpful in easing any concerns, and of course the “house buying anxiety” that I had. I would truly recommend Bobs services to anyone and everyone.”

Alicia Piche

“Bob was able to put out every fire in our sale… he went above and beyond your office duties. Thank you so much!”

Wendi English

“Bob Alexander is superman!!! He was insightful, reassuring, helpful, and he has a wonderful sense of humor. I would highly recommend Bob Alexander to anyone.”

Shirley Santos

“As a real estate agent, I always recommend Bob to all my clients. He’s the best realtor I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with and I truly appreciate Bob’s experience, knowledge, attention to detail and prompt response to all enquiries. ”

Pat West

“I thought that buying my first home would be a long and confusing process, but with Bob, the entire process was so quick and easy. I knew nothing about mortgages, but Bob was honest and accurate, and I know I got the best possible rate on my mortgage, one that my bank could not beat! Bob finalized my mortgage within 4 days of me finding the right house. I highly recommend you use Bob’s services!”

Brett Leadlay

“I turned to Bob’s broker services many years ago and was able to get a mortgage rate that was a full 3% lower than the one offered at my credit union. I was able to pay off my mortgage 5 years sooner, and I now advise my children to use brokers like the Mortgage Doctors!”

A. Cox

“Bob impressed me so much that I have switched to sending all of my clients to him. I know that the Mortgage Doctors are giving my clients the best rates and service that are available.

Keep up the good work, Bob – you are one thing that we can rely on in the shifting sands of residential real estate.”