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When discussing rates, there are two choices. Long term and short term. Regardless of the loan to value ratio, which determines a mortgage to be high ratio or conventional, a rate can be set for a brief term (floating to 2 year) or a longer term (3 to 25 year).

Rates are subject to change and dependent upon individual circumstances. To obtain today’s lowest rates from us, please telephone, fax, or E-mail our office and we will be pleased to respond with today’s current information.

There are many lenders today seeking good business in our competitive mortgage marketplace, and as technology has improved, companies such as ours have emerged to represent a variety of lenders who wish to acquire business without the expense of a branch office system.

For most of us, who are on the borrowing side of lending, it is difficult to relate to the fact that lenders often have quite a chore, putting money out into correct investments. This can actually become quite a problem if you have great sums of money on deposit and must pay interest on the funds invested. Through electronic transfer of data (fax and computer), we are able to represent lenders who often (dependent upon their current hunger for business) discount rates below the normal market level, and this allows clients to take advantage of lower rates.

This question has come up often, as normally a lender’s focus would be specifically toward one area of the market, low risk and discounted rates, or higher risk and normal to higher rates.

Our ability to represent many lenders (multi-source) as an agency, is the difference that allows for assistance in cases that are either sophisticated and simply looking for the very best deal available, or challenged and looking for an approval for a difficult case.

While some believe, that going directly to a lender is the only way to do business, we are built on the principle that dealing with a lender on an isolated basis, can place any applicant at a disadvantage.

The assistance of an institutionally focused brokerage, can often level the playing field, and acquire a superior approval to what might have been possible, without the assistance of an independent firm, acting in and for a client’s best interest.

We make a profession of dealing with lenders on their own terms, and through the process joins applicants together with many others also seeking approval. As a result, our clients have a distinct advantage when seeking the best deal possible, or simply the desired approval, their own single source, corner banker, refused to allow.

In summary, as a multi-source lending service, we have the ability to process requests from a variety of market positions…from sophisticated (I can get approved anywhere…what’s the best rate you can offer?) to challenged (My banker told me NO…can you help me?) situations.

Years ago to be involved in the mortgage business, lenders would set up branch networks in cities across the country. The bigger the lender, the more branches they had, and the more branches they had, the bigger the lender grew. (Ever look at your bank’s profit statement?)

There are have been two obvious products of this situation…first, lenders have grown to be huge, and as a result, policy driven, and rigid…and second, sources of financing have become less personal and intimidating to clients.

Today, many lenders have discovered that technology makes representation through an agency possible. This eliminates much of the cost of the origination of mortgage loans, and clients can often take advantage of the various terms and policies available through a multi-source lending service such as ours.

In summary, the difference between us and the bank on the corner, is that they are a single source lender and we are a multi-source lending service.